The “Why” Behind My Blog

The “Why” Behind My Blog

Did you know there was school for bloggers?  Funny as it sounds but WordPress is offering From Zero to Hero, lessons in how to blog. Being an absolute zero when it comes to blogging, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. So far, I’ve introduced myself to my fellow newbie bloggers and made a half-hearted attempt to set up my site. But today is literally the first day of school, and I have homework. Assignment 1: publish my first blog on the topic “Who Am I and Why I am Here.”  So without further adieu..

 The “Why” Behind My Blog 

(Notice I skipped who am I. Just look at the About page if you are interested. It also tells you the meaning behind “Redbuds and Rose Rocks”)

Why am I here?  To write of course. I would like to tell you that my reasons for wanting to write have some higher calling or altruistic value, such as “I want to write novels so I can be rich enough that for every book I sell I would donate a book to a child in Africa”. Unfortunately, my reasons for writing are more materialistic. So (with tongue-in-cheek),

I want to write because:

  • I can’t sing, dance, or tell jokes. Writing is something I don’t entirely suck at
  • I am ego-driven and want fame and fortune (and I would donate books)
  • I am a romantic and I would live vicariously through my heroines
  • I am mysterious and being a writer makes people curious about all your secrets
  • I like to travel and writing means going to far-away places to do research
  • I am a recluse so living alone on a tropical island to write wouldn’t seem so weird
  • I am mortal and I want to leave a legacy
  • I have a God-complex and the idea of making life or death decisions is quite appealing, even if they are only fictional characters
  • I like to drink and we all know that all writers are alcoholics
  • I spent too much time in English classes for all that education to go to waste
  • I want something to brag about at my next high school reunion.
  • I have a story to tell (I just have to find it)
  • A novel is the perfect escape vehicle for both the writer and the reader. Who doesn’t need to escape now and then?

But mostly, I want to write because in spite of all the success in my life, writing is my first love. At a time in my young life when there was a lot of darkness, writing gave me a reason to feel good about myself. The adolescent girl who was once me had hopes and dreams. The adult woman who is me now doesn’t want to disappoint her.

I hope over time I can hone in more on my purpose and goals. My decision to blog hasn’t been thoroughly vetted. It’s more like jumping into the pool and hoping I can learn to swim. Over time, things will improve, and isn’t that part of the journey?

One final thought. If you visit my blog, expect to see a variety of topics discussed. I am not here to sell or promote. I will blog about topics that interest me and will do my best to make them interesting for others. But most of all, I want to have fun.  So join me and let the fun begin!












6 thoughts on “The “Why” Behind My Blog

  1. Wow, those are a lot of reasons to write. I think the tropical island confession is the best. And now I’m wondering if I really am a writer after all, ‘cuz I’m not an alcoholic, just kidding…again! This was a very good post, I mean it was stimulating. Writing is my love too, but for some reason it has taken me years to do something about it. Blogging was the quickest way to gain the attention of other writers/bloggers/people in the business of making money doing these things, ‘cuz I needs money! And I agree, I didn’t go through school working my butt off for all those “A’s” for nuthin’.

    Thanks for this post! I certainly will be following you! (‘cuz I’m a stalker at heart 😉 )


    1. Most if that came from a writing class I took where I had to tell why I write. I like humor and I use it as a shield. It can be a valuable tool.

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