Have you ever thought of cheating on your significant other? Not the juicy extra-marital kind. I am talking about the other significant partner in your life – your employer. I’ll be honest. Things are not going well between me and my employer “M”. There is a lot of stress in the relationship. “M” demands too much out of me. I feel like all my time is spent with “M” with nothing left for me. “M” makes irrational demands, sometimes telling me to do one thing and then telling me I need to do something else. Our once exciting relationship now bores me. I can hardly wait to say good bye at the end of the day.
Can you blame me for a wandering eye? My friend “J” recently left her “M” and I wanted to know if she was happier. I confided to “J” that “M” was not so satisfying anymore. Our conversation planted the seed that maybe I need to explore a bit and play the field. What harm is there in looking? Maybe a new “M” would satisfy my need for excitement and challenge. I fantasize about this more and more each day. I imagine how wonderful it would be to have a stress-free relationship, a relationship built on mutual trust and independence. The possibilities were endless in the glamorous fantasy world I created.
But what if my new “M” isn’t everything I imagine? The grass is not always greener on the other side of the street. I have heard said that when you change relationships, you take your end of a bad relationship with you. I complain a lot, I need attention, I need affirmation. I am a control-freak and can’t let things go. It takes two to tango. Maybe I am out of step just as much as “M”.
When it comes down to it, I am a product of my generation. I believe in fidelity and long-term commitments. I believe in working through problems, in not giving up the first time things go sour. My “M” provides stability, familiarity, even a little welcomed routine. I’m not a risk-taker. When I think about it, my relationship with “M” is pretty rock-solid. Maybe I am not ready to end this relationship after all.
I may still fantasize about that other “M”; a little tease keeps things interesting. But deep down, I know “M” and I are in it for the long haul. And that’s just fine with me.

3 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. Nice, I like how you conveyed your ideas in such a unique way. Learnt and was inspired quite a bit as well. Looking forward to your posts in the rest of the zero to hero challenge on wordpress!

    Take care! Greetings from Singapore btw!

  2. Personally, I would not “settle” no matter what relationship. And fear of being happy and trying new things usually holds people back. “yes he beats me every week but he is such an wonderful father and provider, where will I find a man who can take care of me like that?”
    If I was you, I would go looking for the next job. You might find the perfect position somewhere. I wouldn’t “settle” with your current job unless you are making it work for you in the long run. (Eg. Saving money to move interstate for a better job, learning a specific skill set that will be helpful for the new job, biding your time to use up your annual leave/sick leave. etc)

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