Day 11 – Be a Good Neighbor

Day 11 – Be a Good Neighbor

Although I am a little behind in Blog School (Blogging 101 to be precise), I managed to skip ahead and finish Assignment 11 today.  The assignment was to read at least four new blogs and leave meaningful comments.  I’m sure there are other’s like me who thought blogging was all about writing, and getting people to read what we write and, even better, hope they  comment on it or like what they read. I never thought too much that I am also a blog reader and everything I want out of a blogger, they want out of me as well. 

So today, I started going through blogs looking for interesting titles and topics with the purpose of commenting.   Since I want to promote fellow new bloggers (and hopefully they support me), I limited my search to those who are part of Zero to Hero topic . I  found some interesting blog that I not only commented on but decided to follow as well. Here are my choices and why I selected them;


First the name is a draw. Obviously they were passionate about something and I wanted to find out more. The blog I commented on was about his perfect reader. I think this blogger and I will be different sides of an argument but the conversation would not be “I’m right, you’re wrong”. I’m willing to listen to other points of view and I think he will too. He also has a really nice looking blog.

The Narcissist Writes

I read a blog that commented on this one and I was curious to see what all the hub-bub was about. I actually liked her writing style and while I don’t think treating people badly is something to be proud of, I understand there is mental illness involved  and that interests me because there is mental illness in my family. I want to read more so I can understand her perspective.

Diary of A Travel Addict

I like traveling. But what resonated with me was the sense of urgency this blogger felt in living life to the fullest. Cancer does that to people. Its an attitude I want to refine and maybe reading her blog will help me do that.

Dare to Dream, Live to Write

I also like writing, so I was attracted to the name. The blogger suggested a widget that I want to add to my site. But she also spoke of being part of something big. None of us exists well in a vacuum and there is something thrilling about being part of a group. I get that.

The great thing about WordPress and blogging is there is so much to choose from. There are topics that feel safe and topics that may be outside our comfort zone. We can stop for a short visit or stay for the duration. We just need to jump in.

I value your comments

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