Facebook and Friendship

Facebook and Friendship


I have been remise about posting lately. Blame it on poor time management. Between my job, my writing class, my genealogy research and general vegetation on the couch, there doesn’t seem to be much time to create interesting content that everyone wants to read (or comment on). One thing I can’t blame is social media. My Facebook page is not getting much action these days. Maybe it’s just me but I find I am just not interested in Facebook anymore. I started my Facebook page about five years ago as a way to keep in touch with people I didn’t see often and to reconnect with old friends. But what was once a virtual hangout has become nothing more than a constantly changing billboard of meme’s and pages for every cause and voice under the sun. My friends don’t post status anymore; they “share” what they have found.  Sort of like Pinterest but with more words. One friend shared with me today that Congress doesn’t care about my petty problems. I guess she felt I needed to know why my Internet speed will never get faster. Don’t get me wrong. Some of what they share great. I especially liked “Shit Country Women Say.”Another friend shared the worse pickup lines ever. I think I will skip that one.

When my friends aren’t sharing news stories or ways to improve my life, they are taking quizzes to find out who they really are. Today’s quiz is ‘Which US president are you most like’ . Somehow I don’t think Grover Cleveland is one of the choices.  I didn’t take that one but I am I am 77% Californian, whichever odd  considering I was born there.

Sharing food on Facebook is rather popular. Figuratively that is. My friends go to restaurants and share their half-eaten meals, which I find unappetizing. Why not take a picture of the left-overs in the garbage can and add the words “YUMMM” half-eaten foodunderneath. Other friends show pictures of what they cooked. If I ever cook anything, I’ll be sure to share it.

Some of my friends share way too much personal information on Facebook, like their health issues. I think it is a way to get sympathy.  One friend posted today she is going to the ER to get staples removed from her head. Sounds serious. Another friend posted she went to a clinic (that was in a medical building of all places) and now she has a stuffy nose. Could be Ebola but probably allergies.

Until Facebook I never realized how needy some of my friends are.  They constantly ask for affirmation that they are loved.  “I know only 2% of my friends will respond”, they say and then try and manipulate the other 98% of us  into saying something nice about them, or risk being de-friended. Here’s a secret. Manipulation only works when you follow through with your threat.

Fortunately not all  friends are so superficial and those are the ones who get my LIKES and comments. One friend posts pictures of her  English garden and bottle tree. Another friend asks  provocative questions and  we  debate it out. Other friends share pictures of places they have been or pictures of their grandchildren. They share their lives, which is what Facebook was supposed to be about in the first place. But unfortunately those posts come few and far between.

4 thoughts on “Facebook and Friendship

  1. I have been feeling similarly jaded with Facebok lately as well. Like they’ve run out of steam. But you certainly hit the nail on the head with a lot of your observations. Thanks for sharing. “Why not take a picture of the left-overs in the garbage can and add the words “YUMMM” half-eaten foodunderneath” gave me some chuckles. Love your writing style. Looking forward to more for your ‘Aunty Acid (one of the newest stars of Facebook memes) thoughts on life.

    1. Thank you for pointing me to Aunty Acid. I had not heard of her before but I’m sure her wisdom will resonate with me. And thanks for your kind comments. I don’t get a lot of comments so it’s always nice when someone takes the time.

  2. Susan – I thought I was the only one out there who was tired of hearing about medical issues and way too much information to share on a status post!! Another one I don’t get – is when people post pictures of their kids who are really sick or hurt! I don’t have kids but I can’t imagine posting pictures when they aren’t feeling well, have a rash or sitting in the hospital bed….Does not make any sense to me..anyway, I agree with you – I enjoy seeing pictures of friends and their travels, their families, etc. … living their lives.

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