Introducing….Descended from Royalty

Introducing….Descended from Royalty

Blogging 101- Prompt: Today’s assignment is to write and publish a “Who I am and Why I am here” post

My name is Susan and I never intended to be a blogger. It all started earlier this year with an age-old yearning to be a writer. The hopes and dreams of my youth nagged at me endlessly until I finally caved and enrolled in a beginning writing class, taught by fellow blogger, Ann Linquist ( My sole intent when I first visited WordPress was to read what SHE wrote. But not knowing any better, I ended up creating a blog of my own called Redbuds and Rose Rocks (

Strangely enough, WordPress offered their first Blogging 101 course around the same time and I eagerly enrolled. The newness of it all kept me fervently engaged, at least in the beginning. I have a tendency, however, to sometimes bite off more than I can chew and wasn’t able to keep up with the daily assignments, plus my writing class, plus the job that pays the bills. I did learn enough to set up my blog and post some decent content. I actually gathered a small number of followers! But my original blog had no real purpose, and it showed. With only occasional “LIKES” and very few comments, I knew I wasn’t connecting with my readers. I needed to focus on something that interested me; something that I would enjoy writing about.

Descended from Royalty (and other family myths) is my second venture into the world of blogging. You might think this sounds like “just another genealogy blog”, and genealogy is not your thing. I agree, genealogy in the traditional sense of nothing more than a series of names, places and dates lacks excitement. While names, places, and dates all play a role in the genealogy, I want to go beyond the facts and show who our ancestors were, through their eyes.

I’ve been researching my family for close to 40 years and I have to admit, there is some pretty interesting stuff going on. For me, the thrill of genealogy is not the number of family lines I have documented. Its re-discovering the secrets of the people who lived before me. It’s remembering their special place in history and understanding how my ancestors helped form who I am today…

I am the only child and daughter of Joe and Rose, raised in California but displaced to the Midwest when my Grandfather died. Raised by my Grandmother, I became interested in family ties at a very early age. I have traveled to places where my ancestors lived and my poor husband knows we can’t go more than 50 miles from home without the possibility of visiting dead relatives in a nearby cemetery. I am a wife and a mother, the owner of four cats and one dog, a full-time professional, and with any luck, a soon-to-be successful blogger and (one day) writer.  

But am I really descended from royalty?. All I will say is that every family tree has a “hall of fame” branch and mine is no exception. But that is for a future blog.


2 thoughts on “Introducing….Descended from Royalty

    1. Thank you for the comment, Jeyna. I thought so too regarding my mother’s family. She died when I was a baby and no one spoke of her. I had her birth date, death date and maiden name. And it took years before I found my first clue. Start with what you know, and if there is anyone in your family who has information, talk to them while you can. The internet has lots of info but always be skeptical. Nothing is impossible. You may never learn the whole story but it’s a lot of fun trying.

      Good luck!

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