October in the Air

October in the Air

Colorful Trees

Its amazing the difference a few weeks can make in the weather. Not so long ago it was so hot I could barely stand to be outside for very long. The strong Oklahoma winds blew air that felt like it came out of a furnace. But now, there is a slight hit of autumn in the October wind. The night air still feels warm, but more like a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. In a few short weeks I will need a real blanket to keep me warm as cooler air pushes the hot air aside. The night breeze catches the dying oak leaves and pulls them from tiny branches. They dance on the wind and land in the yard where reminders of last years autumn leaves still rest.   Muted colors of red, orange and yellow replace a complacent green. Morning comes later and night comes earlier. Shorter days give way to more time to relax.

October is my favorite month and while I wish sometimes it lasted all year long, I realize that its just a break between extremes and it’s brevity is what makes it so special.

10 thoughts on “October in the Air

  1. I have always loved October. I am sure it started when I was a child and looked excitedly forward to my Autumn birthday, but it has become a much deeper appreciation for the sights, sounds, smells of an Autumn day.

    1. I grew up in Southern California where changing of the seasons is more subtle. I’m don’t think I really appreciate Autumn until I moved to Oklahoma.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m not sure if this has a time limit or not. I’m leaving town tomorrow for a week. If it can wait I will gladly accept when return

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