Water (Day 3)

Water (Day 3)

tree reflected in water
Reflection of a tree in stream


The water in this photo is part of a stream system that dates back thousands of years. Native Americans once lived along these backs and used the water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. The fish that once swam between its shores feed the tribe. Many tribes lived along these shores and the names the gave this water reflects it value and importance in sustaining life: Water, Cool and Sweet; Clear Good Water; and Cool Goodwater. Today, it is called Soldier Creek, named for the White soldiers who camped along these shores while forcing the native residents to leave their homes.


2 thoughts on “Water (Day 3)

    1. I live in Oklahoma so Native American history is something we all learn. This particular piece of information was on a sign by the creek where I took the picture and it seemed more meaningful than just posting a pretty picture of water. It seemed appropriate. Thanks so much for all you comments. I truly appreciate them

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