The Empty Room (Sunday Photo Fiction)

The Empty Room (Sunday Photo Fiction)


When Edison arrived, there was a glass sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. A small, clear glass filled with a clear liquid that looked like water. How very odd, thought Edison. The room had been vacant for over a year; yet there it was, a clean glass with water that looked like it had come from a Fiji bottle. Edison glanced around the room. Dust covered everything: the pine wood floor, the cheap coffee table. Dust even muted the colors of the floral couch and coated the window blinds. But no finger prints or foot prints. Wouldn’t you think that whoever left that glass of water would have left some sort of prints?

The glass bothered Edison. According to the landlord, the last tenants left just before Christmas. In a hurry. That’s when the City shut off the utilities, so where did the water come from?

Edison took inventory. A deserted, dusty room with no fingerprints or foot marks. A clean glass of water that came from nowhere. And a three-day old corpse laying on the bed.

Turning to the officers on the scene, Detective Edison asks, “Does anyone else find this strange?”

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction February-26th-2017
Image credit: A Mixed Bag




4 thoughts on “The Empty Room (Sunday Photo Fiction)

    1. I was surprised by this one. It was inspired by a photo prompt and limited to 200 words. It sort of sprang out of me, maybe out of desperation because it was late and I was trying to get one post done before bed. I am a bit of a mystery fan too. Don’t ask me where this goes. I haven’t figure that part out LOL

      1. I like this. LEaving it to the last minute sometimes creates a corker. This one is no exception. I love the intrigue here and would love to see how it was done. Maybe you’ll have to do a follow up at some point with the answer. Personally, I think it was a time travelling alien who has taken the form of a glass of water

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