Sunday Photo Fiction: Pier Runner

Sunday Photo Fiction: Pier Runner

Long Pier
Photo credit © Jules Paige

“Shouldn’t we be getting back to the ship?” 

Tony and I sat at the bar, finishing off the last of our frozen margaritas. I couldn’t remember how many I had today. We spent our day in Cozumel at one of those all-inclusive resorts with free-flowing booze and warm sea air. I was feeling fine, but the sound of the ship horn brought me back to reality. Glancing at my iPhone, I noticed it was 4:55 pm. Five minutes before sailing.

Tony flashed his sweet smile and said don’t worry. Ships don’t leave passengers behind. He guzzled the last sip and left a 50 on the table. “Let’s go.”

The port was eerily empty. We picked up the pace, hoping the pedicabs were still shuttling passengers. By the time we walked outside I could see we were on our own, and the pier leading to the ship went on forever.

A second blast.

“Run for it!” Tony yelled and together we took off. I heard the music from Lido deck. I heard the cheers and jeers of passengers smarter than us, already on board. I could see walkway. We might make it. Then a third blast.

“How about another margarita?”

This story was inspired by   Sunday  Photo Fiction March 26, 2017