Sunday Photo Fiction – The Fixer

Sunday Photo Fiction – The Fixer


He just wants to meet up for coffee, she told herself. Nothing more.

Yet Olivia could not stop thinking about her last meeting with David. It had come on the heels of a heated affair that ended badly. She cried uncontrollably and David, her protector since childhood, told her he would fix everything. When her ex-lover suddenly disappeared, Olivia wondered if David had something to do with it. It wouldn’t have been the first time David fixed things.

The dark clouds hanging over the Piazza Navona reflected Olivia’s apprehension. Could David know about her last fling with the young art student she met at the fountain? His dark eyes and arresting smile had seized her attention. They met three times in secret,  and she never learned his name. Safer not to know. Safer for him.

Anxiously waiting, she picked up a newspaper sitting on the next table. Although her Italian was not perfect, panic erupted as she read the caption under the photo of a young man with dark eyes:

Officials search for art student missing for over a week.

Hearing a sound, her stomach heaved at seeing David standing in front of her.

“Ah… I see you’ve heard about Carlos.”


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a short 200-word story inspired by a photograph. This week’s photo is provided by Sally-An Hodgekiss.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Fixer

  1. Ooh, great tension in this one! I can feel her fear about her supposed protector who has gone over the edge — not knowing what to say or what not to say that might anger him, and make things even wose. Shiver!

  2. David has loved Olivia since childhood but she only considers him a friend. A little jealousy mixed with being a little unhinged is not a good combination

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