Unanswered Question

Unanswered Question

IMG_1126 (2)
photo credit: Susan Spaulding

I wonder who I would be if I were not someone’s wife, mother, sister, friend, employee? Who am I, in the purest sense?

These were questions Eve asked herself one quiet morning as she sipped coffee from a mug with the words World’s Greatest Mom barely visible from the many cycles in the dishwasher.

She listened for an answer.

She heard the ticking clock on the mantel and the silent hum of the refrigerator.

With a heavy sigh, Eve went upstairs and woke her children up for school.


This story was also posted on my sister blog My Million Words.  

Here, I ask the questions philosophically… who are we when we remove the masks from the roles we play?

There, it is just a flash fiction.

Take your pick.



2 thoughts on “Unanswered Question

  1. We spend so much time wearing masks and assuming roles others need us to play, don’t we? We’re so busy in the modern era, we struggle to find a quiet moment where we can simply reflect in solitude. Once we strip away the masks and roles, what’s left? Who do we see? Am I my feelings? Am I a composite of my actions? My beliefs? Have my personal struggles made me more compassionate, or judgemental? Great post, really reminded me of why setting aside a few daily minutes of solitary being and reflection is important in our busy lives.

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