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Sunday Photo Fiction – July 16th 2017

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11 07 July 16 2017 Mike Vore Oh My Photos

© Mike Vore

By Neel Anil Panicker

The man on television was in a bad mood.

Inflation, depression, deprivation, lay offs …the words kept hurtling  out of his loud mouth faster than a prized horse’s incessant trots on racing day.

Ramnath felt a thick knot forming around his lower back; the muscles around his neck beginning to constrict.

Despite the cool wintry breeze outside, a wet dampness seeped past the dank surroundings like an unwelcome guest; a sticky fluid trickling down his rickety torso and firmly embedding itself into the hidden crevices of his grossly underweight frame.

As grainy images of further decadence infiltrated the screen, Ramnath’s already shrunken five foot something self seemed to shrivel even further; his hands and limbs turning inwards into a foetal position.

Dawn morphed into noon and then nightfall but his eyes remained static…

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