Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Agent Man

Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Agent Man

Photo Prompt by Al Forbes

After months of secret negotiations, we reached an agreement. The information I held was so top-secret that the only logical place for exchange was in plain sight. Concerned for my own safety, I insisted on a place public and what’s more public than the London Eye. I arrived early, suspicious of a set-up. I may just be a reporter but I’ve read enough crime fiction to know that ‘come alone’ is just a suggestion. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, I entered the glass pod as it slowly inched its way above the London skyline. My contact stood next to the window railing. The pink flamingo tie gave him away. I moved next to him and we exchanged pleasantries, as tourists do. Then came the fun part. I reached inside my jacket for the envelop. Proof that could destroy democracy. My hands shook and the coolness on my brow came from sweat.

Crime novels don’t lie. I felt the sharp stab at my left side, producing a slight dampness near my ribcage. To my right, pink flamingo tie whispered, “You’re coming with us.”

I looked through the glass at London below, knowing it would be for the last time.



Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a short, 200-word story inspired by a photograph. Many thanks go to Al Forbes for supplying this week’s photo.




21 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Agent Man

    1. I’m an analyst in my day job so I tend to take things literally. Plus my other option was an alien space craft and the only alien I like is Doctor Who. Thanks for reading.

  1. Well done the sartorially elegant chap for saving democracy. On second thoughts maybe a revolution is what we need to clear out the self-serving liars in Westminster. And Washington, Paris, Bonn, etc…

  2. There actually was a British TV show in the early 1960s called “Secret Agent Man” starring the late Patrick McGoohan. It’s alternate title was “Danger Man”. The show’s theme song was popular on the radio at the time and I occasionally still hear it played on “oldies” stations.

    1. That’s where I got it. I’m lousy with titles so I looked for a song and this popped up in Google. I also remember the song, bring an oldie myself.

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