Deadly Curiousity (Friday Fictioneers)


Photo Prompt by C.E. Ayr

Charlie got what Granddad called, ‘a wild hair.’

“Ever wonder about that rock?” The black boulder seemed out of place in the middle of the cow pasture.

“Granddad said stay about from it,” brother Jimmy replied.

“I bet that’s where he buried his gold from Alaska. Race you!”

Upon reaching the rock, Charlie noticed a large hollow. Instead of finding treasure, Charlie’s hand found a nest of copperheads. His screams filled the air. Then Jimmy felt a bite on his foot.

As deadly venom filled his veins, Jimmy turned to his dying brother.

“Granddad say stay away from the rock.”


This story was inspired by Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s . Friday Fictioneer’s. This week’s photo prompt is provided by C.E. Ayr


24 thoughts on “Deadly Curiousity (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. This is the sad ending of many “it can’t be that bad” adventures. Well told!

    I worked with a fellow who just loved to string you along if you’d bite. One day I told him, “You can lie to anybody else, but don’t ever lie to your kids.” You can’t forfeit your credibility with them because there are times when it’s vital they believe us—or should — as your story shows.

  2. I think Jimmy was a little gold-struck as well (which would have been a better title now that i think of it). Appreciate your comments, Joy. Thanks for reading.

  3. Another sad, snake-filled (?) story. Rocks are bad places to play. Mental note. Especially when filled with holes. Nicely told, Susan. Where are you, if you don’t mind me asking, in your million words. And is that an English or an American million! 🤠

    1. To answer the question, I am a mere 68,000 words (more or less). That is only since I started my blog this year and a few pieces that i still had copies of. Over the years i am sure it is much more but i don’t have stats. Can you tell i am a left-brain analyst during the day?

    1. I always worry that something I write will sound like someone else’s, especially since I am usually late to the party. I haven’t seen yours yet but I’m heading that way. Thanks for reading Iain.

    1. If it eases your mind any, my intention was older brothers who had a little too much to drink. Unfortunately, that part got cut in the editing so their age is a little ambiguous. If it makes you feel better, make them 20 years old and a little irresponsible. FYI – My grandfather was always called ‘Granddad’, no matter how old his grandchildren were. Thanks for reading.

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