A Ducky Mystery (Sunday Photo Fiction)

A Ducky Mystery (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Ride the Duck
Photo Credit: Al Forbes

Ride the Ducks? You must be kidding!

The amphibious vehicle known as a ‘Duck’ is popular in cheesy places like Branson Missouri, but I never imagined dignified London stooping so low to attract tourists. Yet here I am, sitting in the back row listening to the Captain tell corny jokes as he pointed out London’s favorite tourist spots.

My reason for riding a Duck have little to do with sightseeing. Two weeks ago, my sister Carol disappeared in London. After days of unreturned voice messages, I checked her credit card account and discovered the last purchase was the London Duck Tour. Carol is not a fan of organized tours, preferring to discovery unfamiliar places on her own terms. Concerned, I booked a flight, hoping to uncover clues. The tour through London told me nothing and I running out of ideas.

Suddenly, the Duck splashed into the Thames and I remembered something important. When Carol was five years old, she nearly drowned when our boat overturned. Since then, Carol has refused to get on a boat. Nothing in this would possess Carol to take this tour on her own.

My blood ran cold as I realized Carol was in terrible danger.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag) for providing this week’s challenging photo.

On a personal note; I am a Ride the Duck fan. We rode our first Duck in Branson Missouri when my children were small. I’ve noticed that more places in the U.S. now have Ducks but I was surprised to see one in London. But where there is water, there are Ducks.  For history and military fans, check out the Wikipedia page on the original  DUKs,

Below is an original DUK. A trip through an outdoor military vehicle museum is included with the Branson tour.

Orig DUK
photo credit: Susan Spaulding

Below is one of the original Branson Ducks.

Branson Duck
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding