Doll Power (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Doll Power (Sunday Photo Fiction)

doll heads
Photo Credit: J Hardy Carroll


 Lana was the perfect trophy wife. She reminded Edwin of his glory days when he was young and virile. Edwin spared no cost in keeping up the illusion. A personal stylist ensured Lana wore fashionable clothes with flattering hairstyles. Spa treatments kept her skin pure and her body desirable. Lana’s beauty gave Edwin the edge in business. His associates wanted her and would do anything to bed her, but only he could have her.

It was the ultimate power trip.

Then small lines appeared around her eyes and Edwin no longer felt virile or young. Before long, Edwin found a newer, younger version of Lana.

Men underestimated Lana because of her looks. She superbly played the part of a doll while learning from Edwin the art of business: know your enemy; know their capabilities. Lana knew Edwin’ enemies very well.

The brutal murder of Edwin Hartley shocked the world. The crime baffled the police and with few clues, the case turned cold.

In the Hartley home, a bust of Edwin’ head stood on a pedestal near the west window. What remained of Edwin’ body was buried in family crypt.

For Lana, this was the ultimate power trip.