NaNo Day 2 – Stuck? Take a Drive

NaNo Day 2 – Stuck? Take a Drive

Another successful day although I had my doubts.  I had an early morning meeting at work today so I was unable to write first thing. Instead I found a little time this afternoon and started on my second chapter. I had a time and a place but not much else.  My heroine was in a cemetery, all alone or so she thought.  About 400 words in, she heard footsteps and I didn’t have a clue as to how this fit into the story. Stuck, I decided to take a drive to the grocery store, all the while thinking about what to do.  I had just about decided that maybe this chapter should come after the murder when I saw my answer – a police car. Without giving anything away, I immediately knew what was going to happen. I played the scene in my head, working out the details, hoping I would remember them until I got home. As soon as I could I began to write and by the end of the chapter, I had met my daily word count.  This is what gives me hope that may I can do this.

Total word count = 3709.  Still a little ahead.


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