Nano Day 6 – Weekend Update and More

Nano Day 6 – Weekend Update and More

For the past few days I have Nano’d like there is no tomorrow.  My word average is 2,071, thanks to some marathon writing over the weekend. I am slowly getting past the need to edit. I tell myself that it’s all about the word count, baby. Who cares if you repeated yourself a few times? I did run spell/grammar check.  Bad.. I know, but I was selective in what I changed. I found I used the word ‘Maybe’ a lot. As in ‘Not much of a weapon but maybe she could fake it to look like a knife.’ When it worked, I rewrote the sentence and added more words. I also found changing contractions increased my word count. The story now sounds like it was written in the Queen’s English.

At just over 12,000 words, however, I am finding myself running out of plot. I’ve added a possible love interest and a mysterious man who has a secret that is not related to murder. I just need some red herrings to chase.

Here is a small exert from my story:

When no one answered, Mattie got up from the ground  and walked back down the path. As she did, the sound of footsteps resumed.

Mattie called again. “Is anyone out there?” She was beginning to get a little unnerved. The woods seemed eerily quiet. Even the birds had stopped their chirping. Suddenly, Mattie heard a noise behind her. There was definately someone else in the woods besides her. She picked up the brush she was using to clean the headstone. Not much of a weapon, but maybe she could make it look like she had a knife.

“This is your last chance to identify yourself. Or I’m going to….”

Before she could finish the sentence a deep voice behind her said, “or you are going to do what?”

Mattie turned to see a tall man with chestnut brown hair and deep-set eyes. He looked to be about 45 years old and given the trimness of his build, he was in good shape. Her eyes at once were drawn to the gun on the side of his hip.

An instant later she noticed the badge on his chest.

“Mine telling me what you are doing out here Miss?”

At least he was a polite police officer.


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