The Power of Eight (Sunday Photo Fiction)

The Power of Eight (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo credit: Jules Paige

We call him the Hawk because he can see beyond the impossible.

The Hawk came up with the idea of transmitting a message to other worlds. We built crude transmitters from the crumbs of our former civilization. Hawk thought it important to create them in the image of our destruction.

When the others come, they must see for themselves what we gave up.

I am third-generation, too young to know a world before The Invaders abolished the number eight. Hawk is first-generation; he is the keeper of the stories. We call him Hawk because he is wise.

We were fools, he tells us. We had forgotten the ancient powers of knowledge and put our faith only in the physical world.

Why is eight so important, I ask.

Eight is a powerful number. It signifies perfection, prosperity, balance, and eternity. Without it, our people became lazy and apathetic. We no longer strived for excellence. Our cities became slums. Mathematics no longer made sense and our world became illogical. Without permanency, we spiraled into chaos and decay.

It is time. Hawk begins the transmission and signs our death sentence.

To all civilizations bent on war and destruction. We are The Invaders.

 Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Jules Paige for providing this week’s challenging photo.

I had to mull over this week’s prompt quite a bit. Several ideas, but nothing that seemed to really work.  However, I continued to be drawn to the infinity symbol and imagined a life where there was no number eight. This may be my first dystopian society.

Symbolism of Eight

I wish you all a happy new year and remember, without the number ‘8’ there would be no 2018.