Multi-Colored (One Word Photo Challenge)

Multi-Colored (One Word Photo Challenge)

Welcome All to 2018. I came across a new photo challenge quite by accident  and I this would be a great way to start of a new year of blogging. The theme is ‘Multi-Colored’.  I hope you enjoy these, and feel free to leave me a message letting me know what you think.

Thanks to Travel with Intent for hosting the challenge.

This first one is one of our trees seen through the colored glass of my hummingbird feeder

©Susan Spaulding

Autumn  Leaves

Colorful Trees
©Susan Spaulding

Early morning on the Lido Deck of a cruise ship

Breeze (5 of 7)
©Susan Spaulding

New York City (Time Square)




8 thoughts on “Multi-Colored (One Word Photo Challenge)

  1. Great post Susan. Multicolour certainly makes a good start to the year and I particularly like your first image – great colours and a quirky approach. It’s always good to see something from a new angle!
    I look forward to more of your additions to the challenge.

    1. Thank you Nicole. I believe i took it as part of WordPress’ Photography 101 courses. I can’t remember what the challenge was, however. Wishing you a wonderful New Year as well

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