Dubious Allies (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Dubious Allies (Sunday Photo Fiction)

The scene below was taken from my NanoWriMo novel Deadly Heirlooms, still in bad need of editing. The original scene was approximately 530 words, now cut down to 200. It goes without saying a lot of background story has been cut away, which leaves an entirely different story.  Writing for Nano is an explosion of words; flash fiction is what is left after the dust settles.

Photo Prompt: Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag)

The Chevy pulled into town just as the shops were closing for the day. The driver, Connor Riley, halted at the corner. Up ahead, stood the police chief. He looked to be waiting for someone.

“Mind walking from here, Mattie?” Connor asked. “Kauffman hates me, and I’m in no mood to be grilled.” Neither am I, thought Mattie. She had barely shut the door before Connor swung the car around, leaving her to face Kauffman alone.

“Your car has been parked here all day. I thought you were working.”  Behind the accusation, Mattie caught a hint of concern in Kauffman’s voice.

“Change of plans.” Mattie noticed the sign in front of her car. 2-hour parking only. “Do I get a ticket for overstaying my welcome?”

“Just a warning.” Kauffman paused, then added, “this time.”

Wanting to avoid questions about her afternoon, Mattie changed the subject. “Any news on the hit-and-run?”

“A witness saw a blue sports car.” Kauffman glanced down the street to where Connor had stopped moments before. “Ring any bells?”

Lots of bells. Mattie had seen Connor driving a blue Fiat earlier that week. A troubling question popped into her head.

What exactly did she know about Conner?

word count = 200

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag) for providing this week’s challenging photo.