Thoughts on Growing Old (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Thoughts on Growing Old (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo Credit: C.E.Ayr

She had forgotten it was her birthday. It was early morning; not much sleep the night before but her internal alarm clock was set for the hour and not the on her need for sleep. She opened her iPad as she did every morning; a bad habit from a productivity point-of-view but one that she had yet to break. That is when she realized it was her birthday; the notifications popping up from Facebook. Someone had written on her timeline.

Nothing seemed different from yesterday.

Birthdays are for reflecting your life so far, she thought to herself.


She had a good life, if not the life she imagined 40 years ago. She had all the things that anyone could want. She was living the American Dream.


There are dreams yet to be realized.

I am not that old, she thought. I still have time. I’ll create a bucket list and start checking off all the things I want to do….

Before it is too late.

She sipped her hot coffee and listened to the crows cawing in the woods behind her house.

Life was good.

She would start on the bucket list tomorrow.


I am not sure there is much connection with the photo, except that we all have our personal battles to be fought, if only in our minds.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to C.E. Ayr for providing this week’s challenging photo.