Till Death Do Us Part (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Till Death Do Us Part (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo Credit: Dawn Miller

Their marriage was a toxic cocktail they both drank, from habit rather than from choice. Maggie, exhausted from the argument with her husband Cord the night before, clung to a hot cup of coffee as if it were a talisman. Their fight had been over nothing significant but like constant water across the face of a rock, it further eroded their love and trust.

Cord came from a dysfunctional family and through self-preservation held the belief that life was a zero-sum game. In any argument, there were winners and losers and he made sure he was never on the losing side. At least not in his own mind. Maggie’s own past conditioned her to placate her husband by accepting responsibility for every charge leveled at her. She yielded to him as victor.

Rising from the steam of her coffee came the realization that this argument was not new; it started in the early days of their marriage, in constant replay, like a vinyl 45 stuck on the same old song.

Time to clean up and move on, Maggie thought.

She could see the path ahead, although she knew not where it would take her.

Word Count = 194

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Dawn Miller  for providing this week’s challenging photo.

24 thoughts on “Till Death Do Us Part (Sunday Photo Fiction)

  1. You describe so well this situation in which I’m sure so many couples find themselves, conditioned by their backgrounds and trapped by apathy. I hope Maggie goes ahead with her intentions, but I fear something will happen to convince her the relationship is worth one more try.

  2. I hope Maggie has broken free from her personal demons, I enjoyed how you used the path in the prompt photo.

  3. Really lovely images and descriptions, saying what had become of the marriage. She’s breaking the cycle, that’s important and a great first step.

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