Cabin Fever (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Cabin Fever (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo Credit Jade Wong

 Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Jade Wong  for providing this week’s challenging photo.

“Oh! the weather outside is frightful, but inside, it’s so delightful.”

Wendy’s elevated mood echoed throughout the cabin.

“Stop with the racket already,” her husband Jack growled. “It’s April, not December and this freaking snowstorm is ruining all my plans.”

The trip to the cabin had been a surprise from Jack to Wendy. The snowstorm, however, surprised them both.

‘Ah honey, it’s not so bad. We could go outside and make a snow man. Or maybe stay inside and snuggle.” Wendy’s body seductively inched toward Jack, whose own rigid body resisted.

When neither the snow nor Jack’s foul mood relented, Wendy suggested they go home. But Jack refused.

“I’m not letting this storm ruin my plans.”

After four days, the roads were impassible. Wendy and Jack were trapped.

“What is your plan now, Jack?” Wendy scoffed.

After the storm lifted, a Ranger stopped at the cabin to check on the occupants. He found the cabin empty. Figuring the couple had left, he drove away. The ranger never saw the tracks leading into the woods. If he had, he would have found Wendy’s bloody body laying in the clearing, and noticed the crazed man covered in snow sitting under a tree.


Stephen King fans may recognize Jack and Wendy as characters from The Shining. I admit, I leaned on that story quite a bit. The thought of a snowman when spring is just around the corner did nothing to elevate my writing mood. I have had too many warm days lately to embrace another day of cold.

Whatever Jack had planned, it didn’t include a snowman.