Speed Date

Speed Date

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag) for providing this week’s challenging photo.

This story is a sequel to another one of my stories, called  First Date

Wyatt’s fingers clicked the toggle switch on his Fidget Cube. After his fiasco date with Deb, Wyatt held little hope this one would be better.

“Don’t think of it as one date,” his friend Eric told him. “More like 20 dates for six minutes each. Even you can handle that.”

A lot could go wrong in six minutes, thought Wyatt. He was a nerd, destined to be alone the rest of his life.

Wyatt had almost convinced himself to leave when the first bell rang. A svelte redhead sat across from him, flashing a perfect white toothy smile. Red struck the first blow.

“Do you like movies, Wyatt?”

Visions of his first-and-only date with Deb flashed through his head. All Wyatt could muster up was a meek ‘Uh-huh.’

‘Have you ever seen the 40-Year-old Virgin? That movie is hilarious.”

Wyatt slinked into his chair, certain this was a personal jab.

The Mummy is my favorite Karloff movie,” confessed Wyatt.

Red looked confused. “I thought the director was Kurtzman. No matter, Tom Cruise is awesome, don’t you think?”

When the bell rang, Wyatt slipped out the back door. Being single might not be so bad after all.

8 thoughts on “Speed Date

  1. wow – you really grabbed the human experience here! I felt the six minute pressure and well – never speed dated – but this felt realistic and I’d be slipping out too

    1. Poor Wyatt just doesn’t seem to have what it takes in the romance department. Maybe next time will be different. I’ve never speed dated either so I am glad I pulled it off. Thanks for commenting.

      1. yes – and maybe Watson can end up working somewhere and he stumbles upon a like-minded colleague – high- introvert and they click.

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