Star Witness

Star Witness

 Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag) for providing this week’s challenging photo.

April 15 2018
Photo Prompt: Al Forbes

Overweight white male. Mid-40’s. Balding …

“Looks like a heart attack. Happens with these guys. Out of shape when the mid-life crisis hits. They forget they aren’t 20 anymore.”

Detective Harris ignored his partner’s observation and studied the dead man sitting in the back of the gondola. His eyes told a different story. Wide-open and full of terror. This guy knew he was about to die.

“No visible wounds?” Harris asked.

“Nothing obvious,” his partner replied. “No blood. I tell you, it’s a heart attack. The guy….”

Harris cut him off. “Who was he sitting with?”

“Blond chick in a pink ski jacket. Said she barely noticed him,” his partner huffed.

“Any identification?”

“Lift ticket in his hand said his name was Franklin Matters.”

Harris recognized the name. Matters was a key witness in a Senate investigation and scheduled to testify next week. Star witnesses do not go on ski trips days before testifying. Not without security, that is. Harris peered out the gondola window and noticed the small group of detained passengers. No one in the group was wearing a pink parka.

“This was no heart attack.” Harris raced toward the door, shouting, “Find me that blond!”




10 thoughts on “Star Witness

  1. Interesting, and a story that could be developed. but the pink Parker will be long disgarded, as will the blond wig.

  2. A pretty young blond is a sure way to get close to a guy in a mid-life crisis. that was a well planned assassination.

    p.s. Thanks for taking on Sunday Photo Fiction. It’s much appreciated.

    1. And on a crowded ski lift, a deadly injection could easily go unnoticed. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to my new role. I think so anyway 🙂

    1. I hadn’t thought about the spelling since my spell-checker didn’t flag it. I looked it up and found that ‘blonde’ is the feminine version and ‘blond’ is masculine. ‘Blond’ is commonly used in the US for both genders and ‘Blonde’ in Britain. Learn something new every day.

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