Everyone Loves J.D.

Everyone Loves J.D.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge and Douglas M. MacIlroy for this week’s prompt.

April 18 2018
PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Everyone in the small Texas town loved J.D. McCaskill.

J.D. was what you’d call a good-old boy. Whenever a neighbor needed a hand, J.D. was first to offer his. Once he loaned his brand-new truck to a stranger who needed to haul some hay. And if you ever crossed one of his friends; well, you’d better watch out.

J. D’s life was an open book. Married 30 years to wife Elaine, father of five fine boys. No surprises.

Yep, everyone loved J.D. Everyone except that 17-year old girl chained up in his cellar. She might have different story to tell.


39 thoughts on “Everyone Loves J.D.

  1. Now, that turned majorly creepy at the end there. Like the contrast between the good old boy, easy tone through his positive points and the plain prose at the end. This is the truth of it though – you can’t pick out a psychopath in the street. Well done

  2. Isn’t that so often how it goes? The “boy-next-door” is at heart, a horrible psychopath…
    Well done, Susan. Now I need a neck massage from that twist 😉

  3. Oh, horrors. The tempo that built up to the last sentence was perfect. Such things have happened in real life, and the horror is just overwhelming.

  4. You tell the tale well. When I stop to think of the implications, they’re horrific. JD’s wife must have known – the girl would have needed food. His boys quite possibly knew, or guessed something. The psychological state of that family must have been appalling.

    1. They might have none, or not. After I write it, however, I thought of the implications of five sons following in dad’s footsteps. Thanks for your comments Penny. Much appreciated.

  5. Well written and good build-up. Not sure how realistic; from what I’ve read in the news, psychos can be “decent neighbours” but do tend to be loners rather than good spouses and fathers. Be that as it may, still well told.

    1. I think people can keep all manner of secrets when motivated to do so. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, Christine. Thanks for your comments.

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