SPF – Ghost Hunters

SPF – Ghost Hunters

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. The photo this week is one I took at a local cemetery. I have always found cemeteries interesting and since it is Memorial Day weekend here in the US, when many of us visit the cemetery, a cemetery seemed like a good location for this week’s story. 

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

“Scare-de-cat. It’s just a cemetery.”

Kip gave Jack a mocking look, then flashed a big smile. Jack would follow Kip anywhere when she smiled, even in search of a ghost dog. There was a legend in town that when Bernadine Atwood died of scarlet fever, her loving dog was so distraught he spent the rest of his days laid upon her grave. It is said that on the night of the new moon you could see the dog watching over her. Nothing but Jack’s undying love for Kip would bring him to such a ghoulish place after dark.

“Over here!” yelled Kip from behind a large oak tree. Jack saw the headstone and wondered what he would do if the dog suddenly appeared.

After an hour of silent waiting, Jack said he was going home. Kip, bored with the game as well, agreed and they headed toward the entrance. Half-way there, Jack sensed something following them. When he heard a low growl, he yelled for Kip to run. They scrambled over the fence and sighed relief once on the other side.

That is until Jack noticed Kip’s leg was bleeding. Was that a dog bite, or just a scratch?


17 thoughts on “SPF – Ghost Hunters

  1. I love cemeteries. It is always fascinating thinking about all their stories. I was in the cemetery in Portland, Maine and there was a large number of people who died the same year. That led to some research, and it turns out Portland was hit hard by the Spanish Flu. Another town’s cemetery told the story of a family that lost all their children one year apart. Very sad, but also very interesting. I think sometimes the “average” person has a much more interesting story than famous people.

    1. You can learn a lot about local history from old cemeteries. One of my favorite is Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virginia. There are a couple of presidents buried there along with a lot of other famous Virginians. My story was loosely based on one of the local ghost stories from that cemetery.

  2. Cemeteries used to scare me. But I have come to recognize the beauty and history that they hold.
    I’ve been (visited) a few older cemeteries up the north east – where the first 13 colonies were and some of the headstones are dated before the birth of the United States.

    Enchanting story… Ghosts have their own level of fascination. I stated at a bed and breakfast that was supposed to have had a child ghost haunting it. Simple mischief, but also supposedly save a gal who had fallen backwards down stone basement steps.

    1. I’ve never been afraid of cemeteries. I find the calming. Of course i have never been in one after dark. My husband swears he has seen ghosts and several people I know have had strange experiences. I on the other hand, never have.

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