The Elusive Poliwhirl

The Elusive Poliwhirl


The Ellusive Poliwhirl

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge and Ted Strutz for this week’s prompt.  

“OMG, a Poliwhirl!” Derek squealed with excitement. My phone screen showed nothing but a blinking cursor. A Poliwhirl would be a grand catch, and admittedly, I was jealous.

“Just a little bit further.” Derek raced toward the edge of the dock. Head down, eyes focused intently on the image on his phone, my friend had no idea what was ahead.

The push took him by surprise. The Poliwhirl was lost. So was Derek, sprawled on the rocks below. I fumbled with my phone, every intent to dial 9-1-1 when suddenly the Poliwhirl appeared on my screen.

The race was on!

My first impression of the photo was three people looking at down at something. The most obvious object is a phone. Isn’t that what everyone’s eyes are glued on? I am not a Pokémon Go player (admittedly, I tried it once), but there are numerous stories of the lengths people will go through just to catch a character. My story is loosely based on a young man who walked off a bridge. Fortunately he lived, but in fiction, fortune rarely plays a role.






Let’s Make a Decision

Let’s Make a Decision

Tuesday Scribes is a new weekly writing challenge. This week, the challenge is to write a ‘Drabble’, which I learned is a story consisting of exactly 100 words using a photo prompt of a line of doors. I had two thoughts when I saw it: too many decisions, and the old TV show, Let’s Make a Deal. The story below is not auto-biographical, but I imagine this is how it could be when the contestant made it to the Big Deal of the Day. Thanks to Mike Johnson for creating this challenge. I am sure it will be an ‘instant winner’.

Here is today’s Photo:

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I don’t like making decisions.

It started when I was a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal.

Behind door number one was a mahogany living room set. I imagined myself lounging on the sofa, reading a magazine.

Then, the stakes were raised.

Do I trade it for what is behind one of the other two doors?

What if it is a convertible? I imagined my hair flying in the wind.

What if it is dog food for life? I don’t even have a dog.

Millions of viewers anxiously wait for me to decide.

It’s time to cut to a commercial.


count = 100

Just Sports II

Just Sports II

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to C.E. Ayr for this weeks challenge. To see what other stories were inspired by this great photo, just go here

This week is a continuation of my last story, Just Sports. I couldn’t leave Frank and Diane hanging in marital disarray and I hope you agree, things are getting interesting. 

SPF July 22 2018 (2 of 1)
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Diane was adamant.

“I want four hours, every Saturday morning. No questions asked.”

“What do you mean, no questions asked. What do you plan to do?”

“No questions. Not where I go, not whom I’m with. Those are my conditions.”

The couple sat at separate ends of the therapist’s couch. The World Cup had torn their marriage apart. Diane wanted a divorce, but Frank begged they try counseling first. His sports obsession was out of control and he was willing to do anything to keep his wife.

On Saturday morning, Diane left the house without a word. She drove to the park where she saw Barry’s car. It was early, and they were quite alone.

“Frankie is OK with this?” Barry asked. Frank was his best friend and he wanted to make sure he had his blessings first.”

“It’s complicated. The less he knows, the better.”

“I like you Diane, but I’m not sure you are worth losing a friend over.”

“You are such a silly boy. Can we go now?”

“Whenever you are ready.” Barry pointed to the bicycles. “You are officially in training for the  Hotter ‘N’ Hell Hundred.”


Just Sport

Just Sport

Imported 20170924 056 (2)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt.  These week’s photo was taken at a quaint Argentine restaurant in McAllen, Texas. For more stories like this, visit the site HERE

“I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about. It’s just sports”

Frank spewed his beer across the room. “Just sports! Woman, do you even know what you are saying?”

“I have been patient for over a month. Every day there is a game. Even on the weekday. Do you know how many times I missed Jeopardy? Then just when you think it is over, they add minutes to the end!  It’s all you talk about and I have had enough. It ends today. No more soccer.

“It’s football, not soccer, and today is the final. It’s the game of the century. David versus Goliath. I have to watch it.

“Sorry, but you have to choose”

Frank looked at the face of his beautiful wife, the mother of his children, the woman he loved more than anything else on earth. He looked at the 72-inch big screen TV, the object of his obsession. At that moment, he realized what was important in life.

Frank walked to the hallway where he picked up the car keys and handed them to Diane.

“Sorry darling but go if you must.” This is not just sports. This is World Cup.


NOTE: As I re-read what I wrote, I realize it is a bit sexist, and that was unintentional. Football is not just for men and plenty of women are enthusiastic  followers of the game.  I thought about re-writing so that the fan was a female and the rejected lover is male; that would have been more comical; however, the game is fast approaching and  I have a Lab puppy that might eat the couch if I don’t keep my eyes on him. The story is what it is.


City of Dreams

City of Dreams

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. If you are interested in joining in or reading other stories like this, just click HERE.

 The photo below is one I took on my visit to New York City a few years ago. New York is such a magical place, but surprisingly, I struggled with a story. Too many options.  One of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs is  ‘New York New York and I wanted to include it, although in the end, I simply elude to it. The rest of my inspiration came from personal life and growing older. I hope you like this week’s story. Let me know if you do.

SPF July 8 2018 (2 of 1)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

The old woman gazed out the bedroom window, capturing the images of her world for the last time. Far in the distance, the Hudson River caught the light of the morning sun. Morning gems, she called them.

Outside the room, the stairs creaked with each step of her daughter’s ascent.

“Time to leave, Mother. The taxi is waiting.”

“I could have been a Rockette,” her Mother said to no one in particular. Everyone said so. I just wasn’t tall enough.”

“You father danced too you know. In the early years he was in a small troupe. Not Broadway, but it was only a matter of time. But then your older brother was born, and well…. It was a blessing your father got the job at the post office.”

Patiently, the daughter nudged her Mother back to the present.

“The taxi, Mother. It’s waiting.”

The old woman surveyed the room, now empty of everything that once made it hers.

“Where are all my things?” Her voice rose to the level of panic.

“They are in your room, at your new home. Waiting for you.”

“We could have made it,” she said sadly as she walked out of the room forever.



The Trouble with Harry

The Trouble with Harry


July 4 2018
Photo Credit: J.Hardy Carroll

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge and J Hardy Carroll for this week’s prompt. This week’s story is light-hearted. I  hope you enjoy it. Word count is 98. 


Prosthetic leg

$10,000 reward

Call …

Harry grinned as he read the sign. In the lost-and-found business that was a lot of money. More than the measly hundred people paid for missing dogs. With that kind of loot, Harry could go legit.

If he just knew where to look.

Where would a leg hide?

The next day, Harry contacted the owner. Miraculously, the leg had been found. A meeting was arranged.

When Harry arrived, the cops arrested him for grand theft.

How could Harry know all fake legs were not the same. It worked with dog owners.