City of Dreams

City of Dreams

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. If you are interested in joining in or reading other stories like this, just click HERE.

 The photo below is one I took on my visit to New York City a few years ago. New York is such a magical place, but surprisingly, I struggled with a story. Too many options.  One of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs is  ‘New York New York and I wanted to include it, although in the end, I simply elude to it. The rest of my inspiration came from personal life and growing older. I hope you like this week’s story. Let me know if you do.

SPF July 8 2018 (2 of 1)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

The old woman gazed out the bedroom window, capturing the images of her world for the last time. Far in the distance, the Hudson River caught the light of the morning sun. Morning gems, she called them.

Outside the room, the stairs creaked with each step of her daughter’s ascent.

“Time to leave, Mother. The taxi is waiting.”

“I could have been a Rockette,” her Mother said to no one in particular. Everyone said so. I just wasn’t tall enough.”

“You father danced too you know. In the early years he was in a small troupe. Not Broadway, but it was only a matter of time. But then your older brother was born, and well…. It was a blessing your father got the job at the post office.”

Patiently, the daughter nudged her Mother back to the present.

“The taxi, Mother. It’s waiting.”

The old woman surveyed the room, now empty of everything that once made it hers.

“Where are all my things?” Her voice rose to the level of panic.

“They are in your room, at your new home. Waiting for you.”

“We could have made it,” she said sadly as she walked out of the room forever.