Farewell Mick Patterson

Farewell Mick Patterson

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. This week’s photo is courtesy of SPF contributor, CE Ayr. For more stories based on this photo, please visit HERE

spf january 6 2019 ce ayr
Photo Credit: CE Ayr

The idea to kill Mick Patterson came one dreary day while Kate gazed down into the alley below her hotel window. The thought frightened her. An extreme measure to be sure; but Mick no longer had a place in the world Kate was creating, and he needed to go.

Kate knew there would be consequences. Mick was well liked. His death would come as a shock and she knew she would be blamed.

The small room where she and Mick met daily suddenly felt closed and suffocating. She would need to find some place new where his presence did not linger. As if running away could take away his memory.

Determined, Kate carefully picked up the stack of papers on her desk, chapters of a novel where Mick was the predominate character. It would take weeks of rewriting to make the story work again.

In the alley, Kate opened the trash container and watched the papers float to the bottom, settling in among rotting vegetables and dirty diapers. An appropriate end for a horrible character.

Kate heard the trash truck rounding the corner.

Farewell Mick, she whispered as she walked away.




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