Baby Dragon Revisited

Baby Dragon Revisited

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. This week is my 1-year anniversary hosting this challenge. To celebrate, I am recycling  my very first flash fiction prompt and a revised version of my story. Thanks to Al Forbes for  today’s photo and for creating this amazing forum. If you would like to read more stories based on this prompt, just visit  Sunday Photo Fiction

Photo Credit Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag)

Gabby’s memory turned to that frigid day, long ago, when her mother brought her to the zoo to see the giraffes. She was what, four…five years old?  Seeing the baby giraffe for the first time startled Gabby; she thought her  Grandmother’s dragon puppet had come to life! There was an old woman there that day, a docent; she gave Gabby a carrot. Even now, Gabby could not help but smile when she remembered the tickly feeling as the giraffe nibbled at the carrots in her hand. 

That was long ago.

So much water under the bridge, as they say.

From her perch high above the zoo entrance gate, Gabby peered through the rifle scope, checking her aim. The Senator would be entering the park soon with his grandchildren. Such a shame their day will be ruined. Gabby was certain they would have enjoyed the baby giraffe.


9 thoughts on “Baby Dragon Revisited

  1. Gabby’s gone bad, so sad, after the docent treated her so kindly. A great lateral use of the prompt

    1. I think i may have been influenced by the BBC show, “Killing Eve.” I love Villanelle. Thanks for the comment Brenda.

  2. A nice story with the character having a softer side. He remembers his childhood days of feeding carrot to a giraffe while waiting to shoot a person. There is no black and white evil vs. angel personality. Every character has a shade of grey.

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