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Welcome to Descended from Royalty. My name is Susan and I have a passion for genealogy and family history. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in knowing about my past ancestors…who they were, where they came from. Would they embarrass me if I ran for public office?  Most people have at least a mild curiosity about their ancestors. Genealogists are obsessed.

I believe every ancestor has a story to tell. What you will find here are my ancestor’s stories, some even with a grain of truth. This blog will be my sounding-board for my on-going research, a place to share what I have learned, from tips and techniques to breaking news in genealogy.  I welcome comments and feedback because we learn from each other.

Joe and LucyI like to travel and visit new places and old cemeteries.  I love old photographs, so expect to see pictures of my ancestors, like this one of my great-grandparents, Joe and Lucy. Joe has a story to tell. He was murdered by his best friend…over a woman! 

Professionally, I am a business analyst in the HealthCare field and a project manager. Besides genealogy, I enjoy reading, traveling, writing, being outdoors and the night sky. When I retire I plan to pursue genealogy full time.

Thanks again for reading this page. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I like writing them.


“Life is lived forward, but understood backward”


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