CB&W Photo Challenge – April 5, 2018

CB&W Photo Challenge – April 5, 2018

The theme for this week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles. These were taken at various car shows over the years.

A vintage VW microbus.

Vintage VW Microbus
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

This VW microbus was a sunny yellow and perfect for glamping

IMG_1916 (3)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

I don’t know how old this Impala is, but the interior of my car never looked this good

DSCF8850 (2)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

This car reminds me of the Sunday drives my grandparents took me on when I was a child. Of course, it wasn’t in a car like this.

DSCF8857 (2)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

My lone motorcycle for the week

DSCF6827 (3)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding


CB&W Photo Challenge – March 22, 2018

CB&W Photo Challenge – March 22, 2018

badgeThis week’s theme is ‘Facial Features’, either human or animal. I took a few liberties as you will see with the final photos. One thing this challenge showed me is that I don’t take many photos of people, and that is really too bad as people are what make photographs come alive. Worse than that, I rarely have my own photo taken. The one below is one of those rare moments (taken without my knowledge). We were in Cozumel, on a beach and I was having the time of my life as waves washed over my feet and legs.

me (1 of 1)
Fun at the beach

Every year, my son composes his annual digital Christmas card that he sends to all his friends. Every year has a different sort of theme. This was his nerdy 70’s look.

danny (1 of 1)
My Son Danny

Animals often tell us a lot with their facial expressions.  This is a Capuchin monkey. I chose this one because of the eyes. To me, the look old and wise, but also innocent and trusting

Angel (1 of 1)-2
Capuchin monkey

I couldn’t not include my cat Mickey, who decided to leave home one day. This is my favorite photo of him. I love the expression in his eyes.

Mickey (1 of 1)

This is a stone angel that I photographed in a local cemetery with a prayerful look on her face.

Angel (1 of 1)
Cemetery angel

Lastly, the Selena Memorial in Corpus Christi Texas

Selena (1 of 1)
Selena Memorial


I hope you enjoyed my photos. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. ~~~Susancropped-susan


CB&W Photo Challenge – Bikes of all Kinds

CB&W Photo Challenge – Bikes of all Kinds

Almost too late for this Cee’s Black and White Challenge for March 15th, but not quite 🙂 Here are my entries for the theme ‘Bikes of Any Kind’. I hope you enjoy these. Let me know if you do.

Bicycle Art (Victoria British Columbia)

Pedicab Victoria BC (1 of 1)-2.JPG

From Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

DSCF6820 (2)
Photo Credit Susan Spaulding


Pedicab Victoria BC (1 of 1)-4.JPG

Not the best photo but I have always liked it (very colorful when not B/W)

Pedicab Victoria BC (1 of 1)-3

Pedi-cab in Victoria BC

Pedicab Victoria BC (1 of 1)

Cee’s B&W Challenge – Structures

Cee’s B&W Challenge – Structures


This week’s Black and White Challenge is Structures. The definition of a structure is ‘mode of building, construction, or organization; arrangement of parts, elements, or constituents.’ This is one of my favorite subjects, as most structures are stationary, allowing more time to get the photo you want.

The first photo is the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Lighthouses are fascinating structures with a colorful history. This tower was built in 1874

© Susan Spaulding

This photo is of the spiral staircase that takes you to the tower.

Lighthouse Spiral Staircase
© Susan Spaulding

Galveston, Texas has some beautiful old churches, which are massive. Here I focus on one part of the church.

Church Garett
© Susan Spaulding

Windmills in Kansas used to power a water well. These simplistic structures are still used in many places in the Midwest.

© Susan Spaulding

This last one was taken as we drove through a tunnel in downtown Dallas, Texas

© Susan Spaulding
Cee’s B&W PhotoChallenge – Patterns

Cee’s B&W PhotoChallenge – Patterns


The theme for this Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is Patterns.


Last August, I attended my first hot air balloon festival. I didn’t expect much since it was a small event but I have to admit, it was incredible. Especially after dusk when the inflated balloons were light up. Below is one of the balloons as it was being inflated.

balloon (1 of 1)

Below is the entrance to a beautiful church in Galveston, Texas

Church Entrance (1 of 1)

Bar deck on the Rio Grande River, Texas

deck (1 of 1)


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