Descended From Royalty (Genealogy)

I have a passion for genealogy and family history. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with my ancestry. My grandmother kept meticulous notes on births, marriages, and deaths and as a young girl, I would copy the information into my own genealogy book. Not only do  I still have my own notes, but I  have my grandmother’s notes, written on the back of envelopes and faded yellow paper.

Most people have at least a mild curiosity about their ancestors. Genealogists are obsessed. It was my obsession that lead me to discover that my maternal grandparents were from Great Britain and that my maternal grandmother, Daisy Hilda Webb,  was a British Home Child forcibly moved to Canada to work as an indentured servant. While in Canada, she met my Grandfather, Alexander Andrew Gow, my most challenging ancestor. 

I believe every ancestor has a story to tell.  Under the category Genealogy, you will find  my ancestor’s stories, some even with a grain of truth. I will also share some of my research findings because you never know. We might be related!

 I  also love to travel and  have been known to take a small detour when somewhere near a cemetery where an ancestor is buried. If you like old cemeteries too, check out  Visit to Union Cemetery.

Joe and Lucy Brown

And of course, I  love old photographs, like this one of my great-grandparents, Joe and Lucy. Joe has a story to tell. His mother, Mary Ann Walker, died when he was just two years old. Grandpa Joe met his end by being  murdered by his best friend…over a woman! 

As you can see, I already have some interesting posts. I hope you check them out. You may be wondering why this page called  Descended from Royalty?  To find out, check this post called  My Almost Claim to Being Royal.

Lady Mary Grey (Wikipedia)

I welcome all comments and feedback because we learn from each other. Thanks again for reading this page. I hope you will enjoy my genealogy posts as much as I enjoy writing them.



“Life is lived Forward, but understood backward”