Baby Dragon (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Baby Dragon (Sunday Photo Fiction)

dragon-puppetThe little girl stood outside the giraffe pen, mesmerized by the mother and baby. The gigantic orange and white creatures stood in the distance, and she thought the baby looked just like the dragon puppet her grandmother brought from China. Suddenly, the pair began to make their way toward the little girl.

“Would you like to feed them?”

An old woman, dressed in a khaki gray zoo uniform, stood next to the little girl. She held a bucket in her hand, and offered the little girl a carrot.

“Don’t be afraid”, the kind woman said. “Hold out your hand and she will take it from you.”

The little girl placed the carrot in between her fingers and carefully reached out toward the mother giraffe. With her large, thick tongue, the mother giraffe snatched the carrot and began to chew. Delight replaced fear and the little girl laughed out loud.

She could have watched for hours but her mother was anxious to move on.

“Time to see the elephants,” her mother said, in a voice that meant there was no choice in the matter.  Sadly, with a backward glance, the little girl moved on.

In response to: Sunday Photo Fiction – February 19th 2017
Image credit: A Mixed Bag