The Zombie Contingency (Sunday Photo Fiction)

The Zombie Contingency (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo Credit: Anonymous

For centuries, the Ectos chose to live peacefully in the shadows. A once mighty race, the atrocities of the Hominini forced them into exclusion. The Ectos could not understand why the larger and more powerful Hominini feared them. All the Ectos wanted was to co-exist. But how?

‘Maybe if we show them a better way,’ said their Queen. She sent out her best messengers to teach the Hominini the secrets of a perfect society.

‘To their builders, share the secrets of our architecture,’ she said

‘And to their scientists, teach them the ways of travel.’

She sent messengers to their government leaders, extoll the blessing of communal living and shared responsibility, and to their artists, the path to creativity.

No secret was withheld. The Queen waited for news that the Hominini were ready to join with them in peace.

But none returned.

In her anger, the Queen declared: No more will we hunker in the shadows. We gave them a choice and they refused. Now they must suffer the consequences.”

 “What will you do, mighty Queen?”

‘The Hominini have one great fear that will be their undoing. Time to execute the Zombie Contingency*.’

* The Zombie Contingency is a fear that every bug you ever killed will one day come back to seek revenge. Once executed, there is no turning back. All we can do is pray. 


Praying Mantis (1 of 1)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding



Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thank to the anonymous contributor for this week’s challenge.