Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge and Jill Wiscoff for this week’s prompt. My story this week is a bit dark, much like the  night sky in the photograph.  

Photo Credit: Jill Wiscoff

April no longer knew what to do, so she did nothing but watch the empty darkness of the Manhattan skyline from her apartment window.

How can they go on as if nothing is wrong, she thought?

Don’t they know the world is not a safe place?

Gun violence.

Gang violence.


She had not always felt this way.

Once she was like them.

Bold. A free spirit.

Unaware of the dangers one faced when walking out their front door.

She hears a gentle knock and a familiar voice.

“Sweetheart, it’s Jack. Open the door.”

April froze.

Was it really?

In Fear (Friday Fictioneers)

In Fear (Friday Fictioneers)

Photo prompt by Janet Webb

Sandra stood at the front window, watching. Outside, the neighbor boy tossed a ball in the air and across the street, old Mrs. Hudson watered the roses that lined the front of her house.
Maybe I will go out today, she thought.
In an instant, Sandra’s heart began to pound as a wave of heat reddened her face. She felt dizzy and dreaded throwing up. Tears swelled in Sandra’s eyes. Once again, disappointment overshadowed her earlier good mood.
In time, the fear subsidies. But Sandra would not be leaving the house today.
Maybe tomorrow.



This story was inspired by a photo prompt posted on Friday Fictioneer’s July 14, 2017 , a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less. Photo Prompt provided by Janet Webb.



Be Brave and Blog

Be Brave and Blog

Once upon a time, I belonged to a Google writing group consisting of  members from an on-line writing class. As with all writing groups, the purpose was to provide a safe place to share our writing. If we were brave enough to post our work we would be rewarded with constructive feedback, encouragement and support. But there came a time when I posted a story I wrote and no one commented. I was confused, and a little hurt. I understand that everyone has a life and may not be able to participate on a day-today basis. But there was activity going on within the group. This went on for about a week and I grew angrier by the day. Why isn’t anyone reading my story? I asked myself. Then one day, I came across a comment that slapped me in the face with my greatest fear. In defense of a comment not well received, this person wrote, “if your writing was crap, I wouldn’t comment at all”. Read more