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Cee’s Foto Fun – The Letter E

This week is Letter E – Needs to have two E’s in the topic word (needle, elephant, geese, peek, jeep, eye, etc.).  For my photo subject, I chose  ‘Weeds’. A weed is any wild plant that grows in unwanted areas. We do have a lot of weeds in our yard but some like the ones below add a natural beauty. So maybe they aren’t really weeds after all.  

WRP2 (3 of 5)
© Susan Spaulding

I am not sure what the one above is; below is the dandelion weed. Every child’s favorite.

WRP2 (5 of 5)
© Susan Spaulding

The next one is the remains of Black Eye Susan’s. They bloomed in late summer but are starting to die now.

© Susan Spaulding

This one is called White Prairie Aster

© Susan Spaulding

This one is a type of foxtail.

© Susan Spaulding


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All About Glass (Day 17)

I reserve the right for a re-do. I struggled with today’s assignment, mainly because I do my assignments after I get off work or in the early evening,  and I had little to work with (including imagination). I added a few old photos just because. Let’s start with wild and crazy.


Last mother’s day I received a beautiful hummingbird feeder with a colorful swirled glass bulb for the nectar.  As an experiment, I held it in front of a few different objects. The top one is in front of one of our apple tree blossoms. Sort of reminds me of over-exposed film.


This is the same hummingbird feeder, looking through the apple tree limbs. Sort of creepy, like maybe it should be the poster of a horror movie


My beautiful kitten Siggy watched me from the front window, so I decided to capture photo of her. I wanted a reflection of the yard but the ugly red drapes made it difficult to see much.

Now for the oldies.

This one was taken at a lighthouse in Maine. Can’t say much, except there is a window involved.


Last but not least, a view of the setting sun outside my car window. Pleasant dreams.









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Splash of Color (Day 10)

March in Oklahoma can be described as drabby brown and moldy green. Dormant winter plants have barely begun to break the ground. Dead leaves cling to the trees. There isn’t much color to be found this time of year, except for the vibrant pink redbud trees that have taken bloom. Finding a slash of color among the dreariness of winter was no easy task.






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Warmth (Day 9)

Before last summer, I had never been to Nebraska. Frankly, I never wanted to go to Nebraska because I pictured it flat and boring with nothing to see. The only reason for visiting Nebraska (in my mind) was to check it off my ‘Visit all 50 states’ bucket list. As far as I was concerned, the drive from Oklahoma to South Dakota last summer could clip the tip of Nebraska, and I would be happy.


Our trip took us further into Nebraska than I hoped and  I was delightfully surprised. Nebraska was nothing like I imagined. For Day 8, I chose a photo of the warm, golden fields of the Nebraska grasslands.

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The Natural World (Day 8)

Nature is full of wonder and the perfect photo op. There is never a shortage of magnificent subjects in the natural world.

Exotic Tropical Flower
Exotic Tropical Flower


This flower was taken in a tropic forest in Honduras. The long stamen reminds me of a tongue sticking out of a mouth.






Birds sitting in the bare branches of a tree
Birds in a Tree

Even in my own backyard, nature offers herself up for a photo. I was outside a few days ago when I heard a lot of birds chirping in the trees next to the house. I was curious what type of birds they were because they seemed large from a distance. This is the picture I got and while you can’t tell what the birds are, it fits the theme of natural lines.Yesterday I took a walk outside and noticed the vibrant pink of my Redbud tree. The long-awaited color is a welcome change to the browns of winter


Yesterday I took a walk outside and noticed the vibrant pink of my Redbud tree. The long-awaited color is a welcome change to the browns of winter.

Pink blooms on the Redbud Tree
Pink blooms on the Redbud Tree









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Writing101 – Day Eleven

Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?

The year was 1969. A lot going on that year. Richard Nixon took the oath of office as the 37th President of the United States and Neil Armstrong leaves the first human footprint on the moon. A new counter-culture took shape with Woodstock and the Beatles break-up ended a musical era. It was a year of unbelievable atrocities, of Charles Manson, the Vietnam War and My Lai.

And for me, 1969 was the pivotal year between childhood and teenage. It was the year I turned twelve. Continue reading “Writing101 – Day Eleven”