A Mother’s Love (Friday Fictioneers)

A Mother’s Love (Friday Fictioneers)

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson
Friday Fictioneer’s is a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge and Dale Rogerson for this week’s prompt.

Maggie, did I ever tell you about the time my son…”

Danny tuned his mother out. Another awkward childhood story meant to embarrass him in front of his date.

And her name was Margaret, not Maggie.

Outside the snow accumulated. He could blame the weather for cutting the evening short.

Noticing the sudden silence, Danny realized his mother was gone.

“She said something about bathtub baby pictures.” Margaret smiled in response to his horrified  look.

Across the table, his sister laughed.

 “You’d best hope she forgot where she put your circumcision ring.”

Danny sighed, wishing he was anywhere but here.


This story was inspired by my son and the mother I hope I will never be.



The Zombie Contingency (Sunday Photo Fiction)

The Zombie Contingency (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Photo Credit: Anonymous

For centuries, the Ectos chose to live peacefully in the shadows. A once mighty race, the atrocities of the Hominini forced them into exclusion. The Ectos could not understand why the larger and more powerful Hominini feared them. All the Ectos wanted was to co-exist. But how?

‘Maybe if we show them a better way,’ said their Queen. She sent out her best messengers to teach the Hominini the secrets of a perfect society.

‘To their builders, share the secrets of our architecture,’ she said

‘And to their scientists, teach them the ways of travel.’

She sent messengers to their government leaders, extoll the blessing of communal living and shared responsibility, and to their artists, the path to creativity.

No secret was withheld. The Queen waited for news that the Hominini were ready to join with them in peace.

But none returned.

In her anger, the Queen declared: No more will we hunker in the shadows. We gave them a choice and they refused. Now they must suffer the consequences.”

 “What will you do, mighty Queen?”

‘The Hominini have one great fear that will be their undoing. Time to execute the Zombie Contingency*.’

* The Zombie Contingency is a fear that every bug you ever killed will one day come back to seek revenge. Once executed, there is no turning back. All we can do is pray. 


Praying Mantis (1 of 1)
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding



Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thank to the anonymous contributor for this week’s challenge.



The Warning (Friday Fictioneers)

The Warning (Friday Fictioneers)

Photo Credit – Roger Bulltot

The Sherwood Arms Neighborhood Association demanded immediate action. The house at 1533 was out of control. Fearing a coup d’état, the association chief wrote the following letter:

“My Fellow Neighbor”

I have received many complaints about the upkeep of your yard. Your contract clearly states – NO UNNECESSARY YARDWORK! Your neighbors prefer to spend weekends in leisure and your obsession with a well-kept lawn makes us look bad.”

The Chief weighed his next words carefully. Surrounding him were lawn-mowers, weed-eaters, and clippers of all sorts, confiscated over the years.

Non-compliance will result in drastic measures. Heed my warning!


This story was inspired by Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneer’s , a weekly challenge to write a complete story in 100 words or less,  based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Roger Bulltot for providing the photo. 

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

This little tale came to me as I once again worried too much about things going wrong.

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Once again, Chuck found himself in the cross-hairs of Fate.

It never failed. Whenever Lady Luck graced him with unexpected fortune, Fate snatched it from his hands.

Like the time Chuck won $10,000 in the lottery. As soon as he received the money, the transmission in his old Chevy conked out.

His friend Marvin laughed. “You should be thanking your lucky stars for that check. That old clunker had no life left. Be glad you had cash to buy something newer.”

Chuck fumed inside. Marvin was lucky. He had money.

Last week, when a new job opening was posted, a golden opportunity that offered more money and less hours, Chuck thought his luck had turned. The interview went great with a tentative offer made.

But Fate stepped to ruin everything. The offer was rescinded, something about a bad reference.

“Marvin, when you talked to that guy about me, you didn’t say anything…. bad… did you?”

“Man, I would never talk down about you. But remember that project last fall? I hold him it wasn’t your fault it went over-budget, that there were extenuating circumstances. You don’t think that hurt you any, do you?”

Sighing, Chuck realized he would never catch a break.

Later that day, as Chuck walked to his car, he noticed the flashing lights of an ambulance. Lying on the ground, with paramedics performing CPR, was Marvin. The words ‘heart attack’ hummed through the crowd.

“Poor Marvin,” said Chuck, not realizing he was speaking out loud. “I hope he will be OK.”

A man next to him turned and smiled. “I wouldn’t count on it, my friend. Karma is a bitch.”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Pier Runner

Sunday Photo Fiction: Pier Runner

Long Pier
Photo credit © Jules Paige

“Shouldn’t we be getting back to the ship?” 

Tony and I sat at the bar, finishing off the last of our frozen margaritas. I couldn’t remember how many I had today. We spent our day in Cozumel at one of those all-inclusive resorts with free-flowing booze and warm sea air. I was feeling fine, but the sound of the ship horn brought me back to reality. Glancing at my iPhone, I noticed it was 4:55 pm. Five minutes before sailing.

Tony flashed his sweet smile and said don’t worry. Ships don’t leave passengers behind. He guzzled the last sip and left a 50 on the table. “Let’s go.”

The port was eerily empty. We picked up the pace, hoping the pedicabs were still shuttling passengers. By the time we walked outside I could see we were on our own, and the pier leading to the ship went on forever.

A second blast.

“Run for it!” Tony yelled and together we took off. I heard the music from Lido deck. I heard the cheers and jeers of passengers smarter than us, already on board. I could see walkway. We might make it. Then a third blast.

“How about another margarita?”

This story was inspired by   Sunday  Photo Fiction March 26, 2017

A Timely Mistake (Sunday Photo Fiction)

A Timely Mistake (Sunday Photo Fiction)


A little overdressed
photo credit: A Mixed Bag

“Well, this is awkward”

She told him the Merchant of Venice was her favorite Shakespearean play and to impress her, The Doctor decided to take his new companion to the very first performance at the court of King James. From the vast wardrobe aboard the Tardis, they chose elegant garb befitting of a royal performance. A perfect plan. Until they stepped out the door.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

The vast, sandy beach before them was dotted with large, multi-colored umbrellas. To the right, a long pier jetting out over a vast blue ocean. And to the left…

“Doctor… this does not look like 17th century London”

To the left stood a pot-bellied man wearing barely anything at all.

“A little overdressed wouldn’t you say.”

The man stood in front of a small shack, advertised by a large yellow surfboard with the words “Venice Beach – Nudity Preferred.” Noticing the man’s watch, the Doctor asked for the time. Two-oh-Five in the afternoon, or in military time, 16:05. A big mistake indeed.

Trying to make light of the situation, the Doctor asked his companion if she wanted to make the best of the situation. Her reaction told him it was time to look for a new companion.

My apologies to Doctor Who and really good fan fiction.

This story was inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction March 19, 2017




Uncle Hector (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Uncle Hector (Sunday Photo Fiction)

@ Dawn Miller


“How about this one?”

Carol eyed the clay fireplace on display at Home Depot. “It looks like your Uncle Hector. Same toothless grin.”

Derek glared at Carol. Hector was his favorite uncle and Derek his staunchest defender. Hoping to make it better, Carol smiled as if to say she couldn’t help being an ass.

“Not orange enough,” said Derek.

Now it was Carol’s turn to look muddled. What does the color of the have to do with anything? As if reading her mind, Derek explained.

“Remember when Hector used that spray-on tan? He was twice as orange as this thing.” Derek laughed and the tension dissolved.

Relieved, Carol sighed. “I like it. It has character. It would be nice on cool nights. We could sit on the patio and drink wine. All night if we wanted”

Derek moved closer to Carol and looked deep into her brown eyes. “What if we want to do a little more than talk on those cold nights. I sure as heck don’t want Uncle Hector watching us.”

Carol wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck and whispered in his ear.

“I guess we will just have to move the lounge chair out of sight.”


This story was written based on a photo prompt posted in Sunday Photo Fiction – March 5, 2017

Photo credit belongs to Dawn Miller

Word count 198.




Facebook and Friendship

Facebook and Friendship


I have been remise about posting lately. Blame it on poor time management. Between my job, my writing class, my genealogy research and general vegetation on the couch, there doesn’t seem to be much time to create interesting content that everyone wants to read (or comment on). One thing I can’t blame is social media. My Facebook page is not getting much action these days. Maybe it’s just me but I find I am just not interested in Facebook anymore. I started my Facebook page about five years ago as a way to keep in touch with people I didn’t see often and to reconnect with old friends. But what was once a virtual hangout has become nothing more than a constantly changing billboard of meme’s and pages for every cause and voice under the sun. My friends don’t post status anymore; they “share” what they have found.  Sort of like Pinterest but with more words. One friend shared with me today that Congress doesn’t care about my petty problems. I guess she felt I needed to know why my Internet speed will never get faster. Don’t get me wrong. Some of what they share great. I especially liked “Shit Country Women Say.”Another friend shared the worse pickup lines ever. I think I will skip that one. Read more



Have you ever thought of cheating on your significant other? Not the juicy extra-marital kind. I am talking about the other significant partner in your life – your employer. I’ll be honest. Things are not going well between me and my employer “M”. There is a lot of stress in the relationship. “M” demands too much out of me. I feel like all my time is spent with “M” with nothing left for me. “M” makes irrational demands, sometimes telling me to do one thing and then telling me I need to do something else. Our once exciting relationship now bores me. I can hardly wait to say good bye at the end of the day. Read more

The “Why” Behind My Blog

The “Why” Behind My Blog

Did you know there was school for bloggers?  Funny as it sounds but WordPress is offering From Zero to Hero, lessons in how to blog. Being an absolute zero when it comes to blogging, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. So far, I’ve introduced myself to my fellow newbie bloggers and made a half-hearted attempt to set up my site. But today is literally the first day of school, and I have homework. Assignment 1: publish my first blog on the topic “Who Am I and Why I am Here.”  So without further adieu..

Read more