Mary Ann Walker Brown

Mary Ann Walker Brown

Mary Ann WALKER was the second child of Allen Wood WALKER and Bethany Emeline HOWARD. She was born on 24 Jul 1834 in Alabama, USA. She had ten brothers and sisters, namely:

  1. Naomi WALKER was born about 1832 in Tennessee, USA
  2. William C. WALKER was born about 1837 in Alabama, USA.
  3. Howard WALKER was born about 1839 in Alabama, USA.
  4. Hampton Clay WALKER was born on 03 May 1839 in Mississippi, USA
  5. John WALKER was born about 1841 in Mississippi, USA.
  6. James WALKER was born about 1843 in Mississippi, USA.
  7. Nancy Minerva WALKER was born about 1844 in Mississippi, USA.
  8. Kizzie WALKER was born about 1846 in Mississippi, USA.
  9. Jasper N. WALKER was born about Mar 1850 in Mississippi, USA.
  10. Newton WALKER was born about 1851 in Mississippi, USA

When Mary Ann was 17, she married James Snyder BROWN, born 30 Oct 1827 in South Carolina. They had the following children:

  1. Sarah “Emma” BROWN, born on 26 Nov 1852 in Mississippi, USA.
  2. John Thomas BROWN, born on 13 Apr 1853 in Mississippi, USA
  3. Stephen William Coleman “S.W.C” BROWN, born in 1857 in Mississippi
  4. Hampton D. BROWN, born about 1863 in Mississippi, USA.
  5. Nancy C. BROWN, born on 09 May 1861 in Mississippi.
  6. Mary E. BROWN, born in 1866 in Mississippi, USA.
  7. Martha C. BROWN, born in 1867 in Mississippi, USA.
  8. Joseph Eclaston Robertson “J.E.R” BROWN, born on 04 May 1872 in Alvarado, Johnson, Texas, USA.

S.J. and Mary Ann, their children and Mary Ann’s parents left Mississippi in 1868 for Johnson County, Texas. There she lived until she died of a ‘short but painful illness’ on February 1, 1874. She is believed to be buried at Center League Cemetery, located between the towns of Venus and Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas.