Landscapes and Cropping (Day 15)

Landscapes and Cropping (Day 15)

I love landscapes,  although I rarely do justice to the beauty that captivates the natural eye.  For this assignment, I chose several of my favorite landscape photographs to showcase, including a few that were used for previous Photo 101 themes.

My first two photos were taken last summer (August 2015) in The Badlands National Park, South Dakota. This stark area earned it’s name. The rock formations were formed from wind and rain erosion and there is little vegetation.  If you ignore the greenery in the foreground, I imagine this is what the moon would look like.



On this same trip, we drove through the Colorado Rockies. The towering peaks never cease to amaze me.


As we drove down the highway, we came across a creek of melted mountain snow.


Several years ago we visited The Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The sandstone formations are incredible.


The golden grassland of Nebraska.


Waves breaking on the shore of Galveston Bay, Texas


An Oklahoma Sunset




Warmth (Day 9)

Warmth (Day 9)

Before last summer, I had never been to Nebraska. Frankly, I never wanted to go to Nebraska because I pictured it flat and boring with nothing to see. The only reason for visiting Nebraska (in my mind) was to check it off my ‘Visit all 50 states’ bucket list. As far as I was concerned, the drive from Oklahoma to South Dakota last summer could clip the tip of Nebraska, and I would be happy.


Our trip took us further into Nebraska than I hoped and  I was delightfully surprised. Nebraska was nothing like I imagined. For Day 8, I chose a photo of the warm, golden fields of the Nebraska grasslands.