The Shining City

The Shining City

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. This week’s photo is courtesy of SPF contributor, Fandango. If you are interested in contributing your own story, or to see what others have written, please visit  Sunday Photo Fiction

spf 12-9-18 fandango 3
Photo Credit: Fandango

Across the water, Elena longed for the Great Shining City that had once been home.

Long ago, her family escaped the horrors of their own country, crossing the border in the dark, arriving in desperation as broken refugees.

The Great Shining City welcomes all who come with courage and ambition, they were told. Elena had plenty of both. She worked hard and contributed to the prosperity of city. She kept the peace and relished a freedom she never knew existed.

She was a Citizen in all ways, but name only.

Gradually, things changed. As rain eats away at a mountain, fear and distrust eroded the majesty of the Great Shining City. Elena could see it in the Citizen’s eyes. Silent whispers turned into loud cries. Elena took to the shadows, hiding in fear. One day, she let down her guard.

Elena witnessed a horrible crime.

A good citizen would report it, she thought.

Across the water, Elena longed for the Great Shining City that had once been home. Once again, she lives in the shadow of fear, waiting for her own people to come for her, wondering, what they would have done had they been in her shoes?



9 thoughts on “The Shining City

  1. You bring up some wonderful points about all new comers to pretty much all points of entry.
    The adjustments can be painful. I’ve moved too many times and feel I could fit in the center of your piece. As for the crime… and reporting it. There are too many factors that keep us tucked in our own fears. To the point that sometimes just breathing is a labored chore that needs all of our attention.
    I can only hope that freedom and justice can replace the looming darkness.

    1. Thank you Jules. The whole WALL thing was on my mind, which took me to sanctuary cities where immigrants feel safe reporting crime without fear of being arrested. The final question is one that comes from an old John Grisham story about bias. A lot tooling around in my mind when I wrote it.

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